Industrial Generators

Winter Engine will continue to support the Consulting and Specifying Engineers in our area. We really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the design of the Emergency Power Systems. When the project goes smoothly it is a benefit for everyone involved. Call us today so we can enroll you in the Kohler QuickSize and QuickSpec website. The QuickSize and QuickSpec tools are easy to set-up and use in your office with a simple password.

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Kohler offers Total System Integration

A power system is only as good as the parts that define it. That's why we engineer every detail down to the last bolt.

This isn't your typical power system. It's a KOHLER® industrial power system - which means it's loaded with designed and manufactured components from Kohler including generators, transfer switches, switchgear, controllers and more.

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Natural and LP Gas

KOHLER offers a complete range of gas-fired gensets from 25kW to 1,000kW.  500kW to 1000kW range are categorized as large gas units.

These units are powered by engines designed and built for the sole purpose of producing power utilizing gaseous fuel, and have not been converted to gaseous operation from a diesel block.

Typically, large gaseous engine generators are designed for very long run hours, and just about every part of the engine is designed for serviceability.

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Packed with power, engineered for total performance. More than 60 models from 10 to 3250 kW, to match specific requirements. Exceptional motor starting capability and voltage recovery.

Configurable to meet the specific needs of your project including: Data Centers, Hospitals, Oil&Gas, Military instillations etc. Critical power applications are part of every industry; protecting them starts with reliable KOHLER generators, available in diesel, gas and LP configurations. Our EPA-compliant diesel models deliver dependable power to a wide range of output requirements.


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ATS and Switch Gear

At the heart of your integrated power system is a quality KOHLER automatic transfer switch (ATS) designed by Kohler, manufactured by Kohler and chosen specifically for your power requirements. The ATS bridges the gap between loss of utility and standby power, distributing power to feed the critical loads of your facility.

Did you know KOHLER has a complete Switch Gear Department? We can design and build a Switch Gear Line-up to meet the requirements of your project.

Call today for more information 717.848.3777

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Paralleling Switch gear

The KOHLER® DPS offers something other paralleling systems don't - 100 percent integration. The DPS is entirely KOHLER- branded and factory-tested for unrivaled compatibility and reliability. Comprised of state-of-the-art KOHLER generators and our most advanced controls and breakers, the DPS delivers superior power across multiple applications. The entire system is UL listed and provides single source responsibility.

Winter Engine has a DPS system installed and operating in our facility.

Call Today to arrange for a demonstration.

Winter Engine - Generator Service, Inc.
Sponsored Seminars

Relax in Winter Engine’s training center, and listen to their experts walk you through all aspects of Emergency Power Generation. After the presentation you’ll walk away with a Certificate of Completion that may be applied towards your Personal Development requirement.

Email: or call 717.848.3777 for your reservations.  

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Load Management /
Sizing Software

This seminar is intended to be a hands on demonstration of Kohler’s Power Solutions Center software as well as a load management discussion. Have a Laptop? Install PSC and bring it along. Don’t have a laptop or prefer to sit, and take it all in? Feel free to do so. Our experts will walk through examples from basic to complex and show you how easy it is to generate Load Profiles, Single Line drawings and System Specifications for your next build. The Power Solutions Center is Kohler’s all-new, user-friendly spec and sizing program.

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Digital Paralleling Systems

A properly designed Kohler DPS system means total and complete protection for your customer. Their life safety is backed up and when multiple gensets are paralleled, their entire operation can be covered. While one genset is being serviced, the DPS makes power available to the most critical loads. Kohler’s unique DPS system is easily adapted and scalable to fit your clients current and future needs.

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Emergency Power System

Generator Sets and Automatic Transfer Switches are the major components of a typical Emergency Power System or EPS. This seminar will discuss the most common questions we receive on the following topics:
• Code information as it pertains to an EPS including UL2200 and NFPA110
• Generator Enclosure types, sound level, accessories.
• EPA emissions requirements and the relationship to standby, prime and continuous ratings.
• Diesel fuel systems, tanks over 1,100 gallons, UL142 and UL2085 fuel tanks, Day tanks and pumping systems.