Service / Rental

We have drive through service bays for servicing recreational vehicles and mobile equipment, including tractor trailer mounted units. All equipment brought to our facility for service is stored inside and secure.

A fleet of modern well-equipped service trucks manned by factory trained, experienced service technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any problem, be it routine or emergency. Trucks are stocked with parts to minimize follow up visits.

Service contracts provide assurance and peace of mind that your equipment is ready for any emergency. Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or custom agreements to suit your needs are available. We can load bank test your generator under full load and bring the unit up to rated temperature. Routine performance testing will insure your equipment is NFPA-110 code compliant.

Winter has rental generators from 20 to 2000 KW available for commercial, industrial, entertainment events, standby or prime power duty. 50 HZ testing and multi-voltage applications are our specialty. We will instruct your personnel on proper operation of the equipment. Contact us for rates and dates.

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Contact us for all your genuine Kohler Parts needs. Winter has over 2000 square feet dedicated to service parts storage. Our friendly, courteous parts staff will fill your requirements on a daily basis. Parts can be picked up at our counter, shipped via UPS Ground, or Overnight if necessary. Special or non-stock parts are available from the Kohler Factory in 24 hours.

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Rental Fleet

Rental Rates are based on an 8 hour day and a 40 hour week. Double shift charged at 1.5 times the normal rate. Triple shift (24 hour use) is charged at 2 times the normal rate.

Fuel is the customer’s expense. Delivery and pick-up are available at $102.00 per hour and $1.00 a mile.

All generators are self-contained with fuel tanks, mounted on skids or trailers. Automatic Transfer switches, temporary cables and load banks are also available. Ask for details.


All prices are subject to change without prior notification.

Call for additional information 717.848.3777


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Rental Fleet

kW Day Weekly Monthly
20kW $165 $345 $984
50kW $195 $495 $1,237
60kW $205 $520 $1,788
100kW $300 $650 $1,900
180kW $450 $1,052 $2,500
200kW   $1,104 $3,312
250kW   $1,320 $3,960
300kW   $1,440 $4,6320
350kW   $1,782 $5,346
400kW   $2,100 $6,300
500kW   $2,232 $6,696
600kW   $2,880 $8,640
640kW   $2,880 $8,640
800kW   $3,420 $10,260
1000kW   $3,672 $11,016
1250kW   $4,800 $14,400
1500kW   $4,920 $14,760
2000kW   $7,080 $21,240
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Load Bank Rentals

kW Day Weekly Monthly
100kW $120 $475 $1,090
600kW $320 $750 $1,750
700kW $350 $825 $2,180
1000kW $775 $2,190 $6,200

Inquire about special voltages and frequencies

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Temporary Cables

$100 per set of 5 (50ft. each)
for duration of rental

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Rental Terms and Conditions

All rental charges are based on an eight hour working day, Five day work week, thirty day calendar month, (22 working days). No reduction in rental charges will be made for any time the property is not in use while in customer’s possession and control. Two shifts are charged twice (2) the normal rate.

The customer agrees to report and pay for any overtime use of the property in any day or during the week or month. Rentals not returned by 8:30 a.m. will be charged an additional day’s rental.

Title of the property rented is, and at all times shall remain, in the lessor – Winter.

Customer agrees to pay for any damage to or loss of equipment regardless of cause except reasonable wear and tear while equipment is in the possession of the customer. Proof of insurance may be required for all equipment.

Customer also agrees to pay a reasonable cleaning charge for equipment returned in excessively dirty condition.

Customer agrees to care for the equipment properly, to use it within its rated capacity, to restrict its use to customer qualified personnel, and to prohibit anyone other than authorized personnel to repair or adjust the equipment.

Customer further agrees to pay for all damage to the equipment resulting from improper use, or abuse, of the equipment.

Customer shall take care of normal needs of equipment, including checking oil level, coolant system level, and battery water level at the beginning of each eight hour shift.

Customer shall supply and add clean fuel, oil, coolant, and battery water as required.

Customer shall, at their own expense, keep the equipment insured during the term of agreement for the full value thereof, against all risks of physical loss or damage from any cause, irrespective of deductible, with loss payable causes for the benefit of Winter.

All prices are subject to change without prior notification.