Portable Power

Welcome to the big leagues. These beasts can backup your home, power a campsite and frame a house without breaking a sweat. And they can be customized to fit your needs.

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What is a portable generator?

Portable generators provide instant power virtually anywhere. So whether you’re camping in the great outdoors, tailgating before the big game, or adding back up power to your home, portable generators give you the power you need where you need it most. And the best part, there’s no installation required.

Just add some gasoline and plug in your items for instant power on the go.

All portable generators have two power ratings; the smaller one is called Continuous Power (aka Running Watts) and the larger rating is called Maximum Power (aka Starting Watts). Running Watts are what the generator can produce continuously while it’s running.

Starting Watts are what it can produce for a short time to help start motorized electrical items like inflator pumps, refrigerators, or window air conditioners, etc.

Note: Equipment with electric motors require more power to start than run. kW alone doesn't tell the whole story.

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This baby can back up your home or power a campsite. It's powered by a KOHLER® Command PRO engine, designed for professional-grade power.

Max Power 5 kW
Continuous Power 4.3 kW


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PRO5.2 / PRO5.2E

Ground-fault circuit interrupter detects unbalanced electrical current and safely shuts down power. Oil Sentry™ automatically shuts engine down in low-oil conditions.

Max Power 5.2 kW
Continuous Power 4.5 kW
(5.2E Electric Start)

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Auto-idle feature automatically sets the engine to idle to save fuel. Maintenance Minder displays hours of run time and lights up to remind you of oil/spark plug/filter changes.

Max Power 7.5 kW
Continuous Power 6.3 kW
(7.5E Electric Start)

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The 12.3 EFI is the world's first portable generator with a KOHLER® Command PRO EFI engine. The closed-loop electronic fuel ignition saves you up to $1 on fuel for every hour in use.
Run Time @ Half load 10 hrs

Max Power 12.3 kW
Continuous Power 10.5 kW

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Manual Switches

A Manual Transfer Switch connects to your home's circuit panel so you can use your KOHLER® portable generator for home back-up power.
Available in 10 or 6 circuit configuration

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There are customization options - and lots of them. They let you build your generator any way you want it: Leg Kits, Handle Kits, Wheel Kits, Lifting Kits, Cord Management Kits.